Panglong University

Master Degree Courses & Syllabuses

Panglong University (2018-2019 Academic Year)

First Year (Master)

Subjects Module No Name of Module
Myanmmar Paper I မ- ၆၂၁(စာ) ရသစကားပြေ
English Paper I E- 621 Research Methodology
Geography Paper I Geog- 6105 Environmental Studies
History Paper I Hist- 621 Contemporary Europe
Chemistry Paper I Chem- 621 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry & Nuclear Chemistry
Physics Paper I Ph- 621 Quantum Mechanics
Mathematics Paper I Math- 621 Analysis II
Zoology Paper I Zool- 621 Animal Physiology and Endocrinology
Botany Paper I Bot- 621 Advanced Microbiology
Myanmmar Paper II မ- ၆၂၂(စာ) သုတစကားပြေ
English Paper II E- 622 Error Analysis & Psycholinguistics
Geography Paper II Geog- 6106 Regional Analysis
History Paper II Hist- 622 Contemporary Myanmar
Chemistry Paper II Chem- 622 Advanced Physical Chemistry
Physics Paper II Ph- 622 Condensed Matter Physics
Mathematics Paper II Math- 622 Linear Algebra
Zoology Paper II Zool- 622 Environmental Studies and Conservation Management
Botany Paper II Bot- 622 Environmental Science
Myanmmar Paper III မ- ၆၂၃(စာ) ကဗျာ
English Paper III E- 623 Academic Writing
Geography Paper III Geog- 6107 Political Geography
History Paper III Hist- 623 Contemporay International Relations of Southeast Asia
Chemistry Paper III Chem- 623 Advanced Organic Chemistry
Physics Paper III Ph- 623 Nuclear Physics
Mathematics Paper III Math- 623 Partial Differential Equations
Zoology Paper III Zool- 623 Evolutionary Biology and Animal Behavior
Botany Paper III Bot- 623 Plant Biochemistry and Physiology
Myanmmar Paper IV မ- ၆၂၄(စာ) စာပေရေးဟန်
English Paper IV E- 624 Stylistics & Semantics
Geography Paper IV Geog- 6108 Research Techniques in Geography and Field Training II
History Paper IV Hist- 624 Myanmar Art and Architecture
Chemistry Paper IV Chem- 624 Advanced Analytical Chemistry
Physics Paper IV Ph- 624 Electronics
Mathematics Paper IV Math- 626 Physical Applied Mathematics II
Zoology Paper IV Zool- 624 Invertebrate Immunology
Botany Paper IV Bot- 624 Molecular Biology and Biotechnology