Panglong University

Department of Zoology


  • To use the subject of the learned Zoology to produce a good academic staff
  • To create a successful businessman using the subject of learningMission
  • Conduct subject-specific studies
  • Develop human resources for the subject

Definition of Zoology Department Logo

  • The yellow-green-red colour is the colour included in the flag of Shan State which represents the Shan State.
  • Panglong monument is the main landmark of Panglong. It symbolizes the unity of the ethnic people in the Union. The mark of Panglong monument means that ethnic nationalities study together in Panglong University.
  • Blue represents the colour of water. It indirectly means that life on earth is possible because of water and Zoology is the study of living things.
  • The sea-gull is defined as the study of all vertebrates.
  • Bachelor’s hat and envelope represent the completion a course of study. Ear of paddy refers to the fulfillment of nutrition and knowledge of all the ethnic people in Myanmar.

History of Zoology Department

The Department of Zoology was established in Panglong University in 2002. Dr. Mar Mar Thein was the first Professor in the Department of Zoology. Over the past seventeen years, the Department has grown and is dedicated to providing students with excellent learning opportunities to encourage their interest in Zoology.

Research Area of Zoology Department

  • Investigation on antimicrobial sensitivities of isolated bacteria from various food sources (2018 – to date)
  • Prevalence of intestinal parasites in hoses and donkey in Panglong (2019 – to date)
  • Investigation on intestinal parasites in mule in Panglong (2019 – to date)
  • Morphological differentiation of Macrobrachium using principle components and discriminant analysis (2017 – to date)
  • Evaluation of larvicidal and pupicidal efficacy of temephos and Carica papaya (Caricaceae) extracts against Aedes aegypti (2018 – to date)
  • Incidence of endoparasites in Lepidocephalus thermalis from Panglong market, Panglong (2109- to date)

Courses of Zoology

Semester I

Sr. No. Year Module No Module Name
1 First Year Major Zool-1101 Organization and Variety of Life
2 First Year Minor Zool-1001 Animal Kingdom and Organization of Life Forms
3 Second Year Major Zool-2101 Protista and Lower Invertebrates
4 Zool-2102 Mollusca
5 Zool-2103 Arthropoda
6 Zool-2104 Acoelomata and Coelomata
7 Second Year Minor Zool-2001 Invertebarte Zoology
8 Third Year / First Year Honours Major Zool-3101/3201 Toxonomy and Nomenclature
9 Zool-3102/3202 Ecology
10 Zool-3103/3203 Zoogeography
11 Zool-3104/3204 Descriptive Statistics
12 Zool-3106/3206 Animal Behavior
13 Fourth Year / Second Year Honours Major Zool-4101/4201 Molecular Cell Biology
14 Zool-4102/4202 Environmental Science
15 Zool-4103/4203 Biodiversity and Conservation
16 Zool-4104/4204 Inferential Statistics
17 Zool-4106/4206 Molecular Genetics
18 Third Year Honours Major Zool-5201 Embryology
19 Zool-5202 Endocrinology
20 Zool-5203 Biodiversity
21 Zool-5204 Virology and Bacteriology
22 Zool-5205 Research Methodology
23 Zool-5206 Linkage and Chromosome Mapping
24 First Year MSc Zool-611 Zoological Nomenclature and Postgraduate Study in the Biological Science
25 Zool-612 Zoogeography and Ecology
26 Zool-613 Quantitative and Population Genetics
27 Zool-614 Developmental Biology


Semester II

Sr. No. Year Module No Module Name
1 First Year Major Zool-1102 Life processes and homeostasis
2 First Year Minor Zool-1002 Chemical of life and life processes
3 Second Year Major Zool-2111 Ichthyology
4 Zool-2112 Herpetology
5 Zool-2113 Ornithology
6 Zool-2114 Mammalogy
7 Second Year Minor Zool-2002 Vertebrate zoology
8 Third Year / First Year Honours Major Zool-3111/3211 Elementary physiology
9 Zool-3112/3212 Parasitology
10 Zool-3113/3213 Entomology
11 Zool-3114/3214 Mendelian Genetics
12 Zool-3116/3216 Evolution
13 Fourth Year / Second Year Honours Major Zool-4111/4211 Endocrinology I
14 Zool-4112/4212 Mcrobiology
15 Zool-4113/4213 Biotechology
16 Zool-4114/4214 Aquaculture
17 Zool-4116/4216 Poultry science and management
18 Third Year Honours Major Zool-5207 Physiology
19 Zool-5208 Immunology
20 Zool-5209 Evolution
21 Zool-5210 Palaentology
22 Zool-5211 Biotechnology
23 Zool-5212 Biometry
24 First Year MSc Zool-621 Animal Physiology / Endocrinology
25 Zool-622 Environmental studies and conservation management
26 Zool-623 Evolutionary biology/Animal behavior
27 Zool-624 Microbiology/Invertebrate Immunology

Contact Info

Panglong University

Loilem District,
Loilem Township,
Panglong, Hei- Nan Village,
Panglong – Laikha Roadside


Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 4:00P.M.

List of Faculty Members

Dr. Nyein Nyein Hlaing

Head & Professor
Rank No. of Teaching Staff
Professor 2
Associate Professor 4
Lecturer 8
Assistant Lecturer 2
Tutor/ Demonstrator 1

Activities of Zoology Department

Why Study Zoology?

  • Promoting the academic program crosses for students, academic staff and administrative staff to provide them with access to studying and working other country’s colleges and universities.
  • For academic staff and researchers to acquire knowledge.
  • Sharing resources, experiences from good practices abroad relevant for their professional development.