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Department of Philosophy


  • The department of philosophy is committed to strengthening its commitment to student success and broadening its recognition for excellence in teaching and community service.

  • We will maintain a rigorous philosophically relevant curriculum and work to build our base of philosophy majors and minors.

  • We will strive to enhance our curriculum and students are encouraged to spend time outside of the classroom involved in extra-curricular activities.

  • We can provide active participants in our students, academic lives such as academic research exhibitions and the events which can be improved in soft skills and hard skills of our students. We can able to crate for students’ happiness, confidence and successful future adults but also good citizens. 

Courses of Philosophy

  1. Deductive Logic-I/II (Phil-1101/1103)
  2. Introduction to Western Philosophy-I/II (Phil-1102/1104)
  3. Logic in Practice-I/II (Phil-1001/1003)
  4. Eastern Philosophy-I/II (Phil-2101/2106)
  5. Inductive Logic-I/II (Phil-2102/2107)
  6. Twentieth Century Western Philosophy I/II (Phil-2103/2108)
  7. The Cultural and Ethical Aspects of Environmental Conservation-I/II (Phil-2104/2109)   
  8. History of Western Intellectual Development-I/II (Phil -2001/2006)   
  9. Philosophy of Law (Phil-2004/2009)         
  10. Aesthetics-I/II (Phil-2003/2008)
  11. Western Aesthetics & Eastern Aesthetics (Phil-3101/3107 & Phil-3201/3207)
  12. Advanced Logic I/II (Phil-3102/3108 & Phil-3202/3208)
  13. Philosophy of History I/II (Phil-3103/3109 & Phil-3203/3209)
  14. Myanmar Culture and Myanmar ways of thinking I/II (Phil-3104/3110 & Phil-3204/3210)
  15. Theoretical Ethics & Applied Ethics (Phil-3106/3112 & Phil-3206/3212)
  16. Philosophy of Religion I/II (Phil-4101/4107 & Phil-4201/4207)
  17. Problems of Philosophy I/II (Phil-4102/4108 & Phil-4202/4208)
  18. Philosophy of Science I/II (Phil-4103/4109 & Phil-4203/4209)
  19. Research Methodology I/II
  20. Twentieth Century Eastern Philosophy I/II (Phil-4104/4110 & Phil-4204/4210)
  21. Political Thought (West) & (East) (Phil-4106/4112 & Phil-4206/4212)
  22. Issues in Indian Philosophy& Chinese Philosophy (Phil-5201/5207)
  23. Issues in Western philosophy I/II (Phil-5202/5208)
  24. Philosophy of Education I/II (Phil-5203/5209)
  25. Topic in Buddhism I/II (Phil-5204/5210)
  26. Ethics of Virtue (Plato)/(Aristotle) I/II (Phil-5205/5211)
  27. Selected Philosophical writing I/II (Phil-5206/5212)
  28. Logic in Research Methodology (Phil-611/621)
  29. Philosophy of Science (Phil-612/622)
  30. Social philosophy/philosophy of Historical Studies (Phil-613/623)
  31. Axiological Studies / Philosophy of Culture (Phil- 614/624)
  32. Special Topics in Eastern Philosophy/ Special Topic in Western Philosophy (Phil-631)
  33. Seminar-I (Phil-632)
  34. Seminar-II (Phil-633)
  35. Research and progress Report (Phil-634)
  36. Research Outline and their Presentation (Phil-641)
  37. Research and Seminar
  38. Thesis and Viva Voce (Phil-642)

Contact Info

Panglong University

Loilem District,
Loilem Township,
Panglong, Hei- Nan Village,
Panglong – Laikha Roadside


Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 4:00P.M.

List of Faculty Members

Dr. Aye Aye Mar

Head & Professor
Rank No. of Teaching Staff
Professor 2
Associate Professor 2
Lecturer 2
Assistant Lecturer 0
Tutor/ Demonstrator 0

Activities of Philosophy Department

Why Study Philosophy?

The most important reason to study philosophy is that it is enormous and enduring interest. Philosophy teaches a number of skills that are value in a variety of profession. The key point to know is that philosophy is not a collection of facts to be memorized. It is a methodological approach to think logically, to analyze and solve problems, to assess proposed solutions, to write and speak clearly, attending to details which are highly valued in a number of profession.

Department of Philosophy Contact Info

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