Panglong University

Department of Oriental Studies


  • To develop the human  resource on the qualified research by fields of oriental studies.

Courses of Oriental Studies

  • OS- 1101  Pāli Language
  • OS- 1102  Pāli Literature (Prose)
  • OS- 2101  Pāli Language
  • OS- 2102  Pāli Literature (Prose)
  • OS- 2103  Pāli Literature (Poetry)
  • OS- 2004 Buddhist Councils
  • OS- 1001  Fundamental of Pāli Language
  • OS- 1001 Pāli Language
  • OS- 2001 Pāli Language

Contact Info

Panglong University

Loilem District,
Loilem Township,
Panglong, Hei- Nan Village,
Panglong – Laikha Roadside


Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 4:00P.M.

List of Faculty Members

Dr. Khin Mg Win

Head & Professor
Rank No. of Teaching Staff
Professor 2
Associate Professor 1
Lecturer 1
Assistant Lecturer 0
Tutor/ Demonstrator 0

Activities of Oriental Studies Department

Why Study Oriental Studies?

Oriental studies must be studied

  • how to live in the worldly lives
  • how to make achievements for one’s material wants
  • to know the social conditions of India society in the life-time of Buddha
  • to know the knowledge of sources of Myanmar culture
  • to understand life of the Buddha in historical point of view
  • to understand the relationship among sanskrit Prākrit, Pāli and English Languages
  • to instruct the moral ethics to develop the art of living

Department of Oriental Studies Contact Info

 081 300454
 081 300451