Panglong University

Department of Geography


  • The Department of Geography has formulated its vision that reflects higher education outcomes as well as the needs of stakeholders.

Courses of Geography

  • Physical Geography/Climatology
  • Map Work and Basic Techniques I/II
  • Integrated Human Geography/Environmental Geography
  • Geography of Developing Countries/Geography of Developed Countries  
  • Surveying and Map Projections/Cartography and Topographic Map Reading
  •  Fundamentals of Remote Sensing/Fundamentals of Geographic Information System
  • Soils Geography/Biogeography
  • Geography of Settlement/ Urban Geography
  • Economic Geography I/II
  • Descriptive Statistics in Geography / Inferential Statistics in Geography
  • Geography of World Regions/Cultural Geography
  • Geomorphology I/II
  • Political Geography I/II
  • Geography of Myanmar I/II
  • Agricultural Geography/Manufacturing Geography
  • Application of Geospatial Technology in Geographical Analysis / Research Methodology in Geography and Field Training 
  • The Nature and Philosophy of Geography/Advanced Climatology
  • Oceanography / Hydrology
  • Population Geography /Transportation Geography
  • Natural Resource Management and Conservation / Spatial Analysis
  • Geospatial Technology: Remote Sensing / Geospatial Technology: Geographic Information Systems
  • Natural Hazard and Problems/Geography of Tourism
  • Development of Geographic Thought / Environmental Studies
  • Economic Geography / Regional Analysis
  • Human Geography /Political Geography
  • Research Techniques in Geography and Field Training I/II

Contact Info

Panglong University

Loilem District,
Loilem Township,
Panglong, Hei- Nan Village,
Panglong – Laikha Roadside


Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 4:00P.M.

List of Faculty Members

Dr. Min Lwin

Head & Professor
Rank No. of Teaching Staff
Professor 2
Associate Professor 4
Lecturer 5
Assistant Lecturer 1
Tutor/ Demonstrator 1

Activities of Geography Department

Why Study Geography?

The purpose of geography is to provide “A view of the whole” earth by mapping the location of places.

Department of Geography Contact Info

 081 300454
 081 300451